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If you are being enlightened by the information and sermons from this ministry then please help us help others by giving to this ministry.  There are several ways in which you can help support this ministry:

A One Time Gift - If you are not ready to make a monthly commitment to PTTBF then would you prayfully consider giving a one time gift of any amount?

Become a Proclaim Partner -  Give consistently on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly bases.

The purpose of your contribution is to allow others in your area to hear the sermons via the radio each week day on your favorite Christian station.

If you can't support us financially then please support us with your PRAYERS - The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayers of the righteous (Prov 15:29).  Pray for this ministry daily and see what the Lord can and will do in the City of Orlando, FL and around the world.

Give via check or money order.  Make checks payable to PTTBF ministries and mail them to P.O. Box 1707 Orlando, FL 32802-1707.  All gifts are tax deductible.

 NOTE: Please do not give to us instead of your local Church, but only give to us after you have taken care of your Church stewardship first.