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Biblical Studies

Core Values

            I.                   Multi-Ethnic ministry focus

II.                Bible Teaching

III.             Expository Preaching

IV.             Provide the opportunity for each believer to reach full potential of their call

V.                Develop Christian Disciples

VI.             Develop Christians who are lovers of God and followers of Christ

VII.          Complete Pastoral Care for all members and families

                A.    Loving accountability for all members and families

                B.     Assessment of spiritual growth and ministry participation

VIII.       Develop a chain of community Churches full of harmonious relationships

IX.             Use all forms of evangelism

                A.    Street

                B.     Seeker services and bible studies

                C.     Door to door

                D.    Friendship

                E.     Youth

X.                Leadership development and training for adults and youth

XI.             Pastoral development and training for Pastoral staff and future Pastors

XII.          Provide a haven of hope for the youth of today

             A.     Help the youth develop a Christian Worldview